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Quadrel iQ



Smart and Instant Data

  • Real-time KPIs including material wastage, batching risk, $ impact
  • Auto-identified benchmark plant and color-coded plant rankings
  • User-tolerance set graphs showing material batching trends
  • Plant gauges monitoring batching activity in real-time


Easy, Role-based Views

  • Plant staff see local batching activity and ranking
  • Managers assess regional plant activity to enforce policies
  • Senior Management track critical business KPIs to meet goals
  • Customers can view project specific activity and trending


  • Auto-pulls in data from across plants, regions, and other systems
  • Flexible interface with moveable data, graph widgets, and user settings
  • Export and share rankings, graphs, and more!

Effortless and Flexible

Discover how iQ can transform your operations

The all-new iQ is a performance dashboard that shows your batching operations in real-time and features instant, smart data, role-based views, and an easy, flexible interface.  Sign up to the right for a free consultation on your batching and learn how iQ can transform your operations.

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Smart and effortless, your entire batching operations at your fingertips.

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"iQ is a breakthrough for the industry."

- U.S. Director of Operations at Fortune 500 concrete company

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